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Our abrasive division offeres all the best and the most cost effective products that are on offer. In our temperature controlled warehouse area we keep sanding belts, sandpaper sheets (wet and dry), flap disks. We also have grinding and cutting disks for metal and stone. 

Cutting and Grinding Discs

Cutting and grinding discs are suitable for universal use and shines when mounted on angle grinders with great aggressiveness and exceptionally long service life. We offer these products from 100mm to 300mm from stock, making sure that every user will find the cutting or grinding disc that matches their application perfectly. 


Flap Discs and Wheels

Surface processing on stainless steel and steel necessitates abrasive discs that are guaranteed to deliver a high removal rate and an aggressive stock removal rate. We can provide these discs and wheels in a wide range of diameters, grits and hole size to ensure you get the product you need to get the job done. 


Sanding Discs and Paper Rolls

We stock MIRKA Sandy discs and also Klingspor universal PS 22 K sanding discs with velcro or self adhesive backing.

 The Klingspor abrasive roll PS 30 D truly shines when used for fast stock removal on larger surfaces. Made of highly durable paper, the backing allows for surface sanding carried out either by hand or using a machine.   

The Klingspor PL 31 B carat paper has proven to be the ideal abrasive for flawless finishing on wooden surfaces and decorating on varnish, paint and fillers.


Wire Wheels and Brushes

We offer wire wheels and cup brushes in crimped and twist knot. All brushes are available with different filling materials, like stainless steel wire or brass, and measurements.

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