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Flanges, Welding Fittings and Tube 

We supply a varied range of flanges fittings and tube to suit a range of industries. A key supplier for shipbuilders and repairers in Aberdeen, we stock and can quickly source the materials you need to get the job done quick.

Carbon Steel Flanges

PN16, PN6, ASA150, Table E, JIS 5K, JIS10K

We offer the above in a selection of:

Slip on, Blind, Screwed, Weld neck

In sizes from 1/2" to 8" from stock and larger on request


Weld Fittings

90 Degree elbows short radius and long radius

45 Degree elbows

Equal tees

Concentric reducers

Socket weld full couplings


Weld fittings.jpg


Shedule 40 tube from 1/2" to 8" from stock and larger sizes available on request.

We also provide a cutting service that makes delivery and handling a breeze

Copy of TUBE.jpg

Straub Couplings

Notably suitable for lighter pipes within the lower pressure range, e.g. water and waste water treatment applications, industrial process pipe work and shipbuilding. A special advantage is the light weight and single bolt on the small diameters.

Straub GRIP-L.jpg
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