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Protective Coatings

We supply coatings for the marine, agricultural and maintenance industries and protective and floor coatings. A stockist of Pronto Paints, we can offer a product for almost every item that needs coated with an ability to mix any colour you need.

Quick Dry Zinc Primer

General purpose anti-corrosive metal primer, giving a high build matt finish. Can be re-coated with most types of finish. Good resistance to salt spray, humidity etc.

Fast drying general purpose Zinc Phosphate primer

Overcoatable with a range of Q.D. finishes

Excellent protection of bare steel and fabrications

Quality blast primer


Fast Dry Spraying Gloss Finish

Yields a quick drying full gloss finish to give a good all round durable finish resistant to mild chemicals with good exterior durability.

High gloss finish
Quick drying
Fast handling properties
Resistant to mild chemicals


Fast Dry DTM Brush/Spray Gloss

203:230 is a general purpose, direct to metal coating. It gives a gloss finish and provides a durable protective coating with the versatility of spraying or roller or brush application.

High opacity for easy brush application
Coating manufactured for general fabrications
Ideal for refurbishing skips and containers
Glossy fast drying finish


Fast Dry Primer Finish

207:401 was developed to give a good all round durable industrial finish. It contains zinc phosphate anti-corrosive pigmentation and can be used as a one-coat finish for steel fabrication, giving good exterior durability combined with resistance to certain chemicals, grease and oils.

Compliant semi gloss primer finish
Suitable for sites using 5 – 15 tonnes solvent per year
High build
Anti-corrosive pigmentation


Polyurethane Gloss Finish

A single component topcoat, which is specially formulated to give the performance benefits of polyurethane alkyd resin technology. It offers high solids and is a VOC compliant topcoat as defined in EPA guidance notes such as PG6(34) and PG6(23).

Polyurethane technology
High gloss finish
Suitable for commercial trailers, plant and machinery
Good resistance to cleaning chemicals


Polyurethane Floorcoat Gloss

A relatively fast drying floor paint that dries to a hard durable finish. Gives good resistance to splashing with petrol, lubricating oils, mild alkalis, dilute mineral acids (including battery acids), grease and water. Gives a smooth finish with a high sheen.

Polyurethane resin
Easy brush or roller application
Ideal for general maintenance
Safety areas and pedestrian walkways


Low Odour Primer Finish

340:105 is an emissions-compliant coating conforming to Department of Environment PG6/23(04) table 6, having a solvent content of less than 0.6 times the total mass of solids. It is a low odour, high flashpoint, one-coat primer/finish with high build potential that is based on a high performance alkyd resin system.

Low odour coating for spray application
Fast drying yet high flashpoint
Used for site cabins / modular buildings industry
Low sheen finish


Quick Drying Thinner

Our standard thinners used with our cellulose paints to thin down and allow the for correct application. It offers good drying times and is faster drying than conventional cellulose thinners. Suitable for thinning, removal of cellulose paints and cleaning of equipment.

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